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There are various options available when considering what to do with the external envelope of your building, which will include the roof and walls. The systems outlined can be used in new build projects, roof overlays or strip & resheets.

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benefits of Roof sheeting & cladding:

Over Cladding / Overlays

Overlay systems are a non-intrusive effective alternative to replacing the roof in its entirety, if the existing roof materials are beyond repair but sufficiently structurally sound to provide a base for a new external skin. The new roof system is fitted over the existing and can be completed with minimal disruption to your trade, making it ideal for clients who are unable to cease activities whilst work is being carried out. Over cladding is the simplest and most cost effective way to transform a buildings aesthetic appearance and increase its thermal performance.

Strip and Re-Sheet

When a roof is beyond repair or when complete removal of an asbestos or metal construction roof is required. The old roof can be replaced with either a single skin, built up twin skin or composite panels.

Single Skin Sheeting

Single skin sheeting & cladding can be used on both roof and walls of a building and is mainly used for weathering & aesthetics and has no insulation value. It is a coated, galvanised steel sheet, available in various profiles, colours and finishes and it is an ideal material to use when weathering, improving the appearance and even the securing a building, when insulation is not a consideration.

Built Up Sheeting & Cladding Systems

When thermal performance is required to meet current U Values and reduce heat loss, built up systems can be utilised to provide an envelope solution. They consist of a coated steel liner sheet, spacer system (available in varying depths), insulation (to meet specific requirements) and an external coated sheet, as detailed previously.

Composite Panels

Insulated composite roof and wall panels can be fitted quickly and provide excellent insulation. They come in various panel types offering different profiles, thicknesses, colours, styles and finishes to suit specific requirements. Composite panels are an insulated steel cladding panel that consist of two coated steel profiles bonded to a core of PIR insulation. They may be used to form roofs and walls and can incorporate roof lights to a matching profile.

Standing Seam

Standing Seam metal roofs can be installed on low pitched roofs down to 1 degree. The external skin to these systems are secret fixed and are installed in continuous lengths, with laps which allows them to be installed to such low pitches.

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